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Treating individuals.Healing communities.

Collaborative Tribal Partnerships for Wellness


Partnerships for Change

Over 115 people die every day from the opioid epidemic. Communities can’t solve the greatest health crisis of our time alone. The challenge is even more difficult for tribal communities, who often face barriers to care as part of daily life. As a health care ally for tribes, we offer a collaborative approach to healing.

Health Care Resources

Harm Reduction

Wellness Opportunities

A Strategy of Empowerment

Our mission is based on empowering tribes through health care resources and wellness opportunities. Because of our expertise in harm reduction and health care management, we know that smart, compassionate care can kickstart big-picture change for tribal communities.


Stopping—and Starting—the Cycle

Our country is facing a fight that we haven’t been able to win. And tribal communities have been hit hard. Our neighborhoods and families are the victims of this crisis–but they are also our secret weapon. Their determination makes a better future possible. We can only fix this together.

We all know that addiction is a cycle. And it’s one we have to break. Science-based medical intervention is one part of that process, and it’s a vital component of our collaborative solution. But it’s not a magic wand.

That is why “Starting the Cycle” is crucial. Like addiction, health is part of a cycle too. We need strong families, behavioral care, outreach programs, and wellness opportunities to create healthy communities. Our work is rooted in that understanding.


Work With Us

OneTogether is a collaborative tribal partnership that promotes wellness. We are spearheaded by a team of experienced leaders with backgrounds in health care management, addiction recovery, and business operations.


Our Team

Bob Kershner


Robert has worked as a Physical Therapist, Program Director and Administrator in both inpatient and outpatient settings. He was Director of Sequoia Hospital Center for Sports Medicine, Director of Rehab Services at North Valley Rehab Hospital, a 126 Bed LTACH facility with 6 outpatient rehab clinics, and he was CEO of Cornerstone Orthopedics. More recently, he has focused on health care delivery and payment reform initiatives with a special emphasis on tribal health and wellness program development.

Member, Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe

Monty Sooter


Monty Sooter’s career as a Business and Technology Executive is rooted in the operational excellence he learned in the US Navy and with Andersen Consulting. Monty has led as CIO of Corporate Express, where he helped grow the company from $200 million to 3.5 billion in sales, followed by a tenure as COO of ClickBank, before beginning his life as an entrepreneur.

Member, Cherokee Nation

Padraic I. McCoy

General Counsel

Padraic I. McCoy has represented Indian tribes and Indian country developers, investors, and partners for nearly two decades. Padraic has worked for law firms in Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and Denver/Boulder, and is an adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Denver Law School. Padraic is the current President of the Colorado Indian Bar Association.

Descendant, Fort Yuma Quechan Tribe of CA/AZ

Greg Greenberg

Chief Medical Officer

Greg Greenberg obtained an undergraduate degree in neuroscience and psychology at UCLA after growing up in Southern California. He then moved to Columbus, Ohio to get his MD at Ohio State and remained in Columbus for his family medicine residency. After completing his training, Dr. Greenberg moved to Northern California to work at community health center in Redding with a desire to serve an underserved population. During that time he also worked as an emergency physician and hospitalist. When he was asked to start up a new clinic with the Redding Rancheria, Dr. Greenberg used that opportunity to create addiction medicine services after over a decade of treating patients who battled addiction and often had little services available to them. He then worked with the local hospitals to provide access to treatment for people who were hospitalized with concomitant addiction issues. He continues to work as a hospitalist in Redding while focusing on educating the community as well as health care providers and continues on the mission to expand access to services for people with substance use disorder.

Jeffrey Heimann

Chief Financial Officer

Jeffrey Heimann joined OneTogether Solutions after a 20-year career in banking, including tenures at Bank of America and TFA Capital Partners. Jeffrey’s first tribal transaction was financing Mohegan Sun in 1998, and since then he has focused on debt capital products (bank and high yield bonds), gaming investment banking, and tribal financial advisory. Jeffrey graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in economics.

Jennifer McCoy

VP of Finance

Jennifer McCoy is owner of SideSource and has served as outside Controller/VP Finance for a portfolio of clients, including lawyers, manufacturers, energy consultants, engineering firms, and others. She graduated with a BS in Chemistry/Mathematics and an MBA from Chapman University.

Deb Ossi

Communications Director

Deb Ossi focuses on brand strategy and copywriting. These are skills she developed as a magazine editor and design philosophy professor. Her portfolio as a consultant includes work with Amazon and the University of California Berkeley, along with a range of other clients. Deb received her MA in art history from Vanderbilt University and her BA in English and philosophy from Mercer University.


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